About Us

Hello, I'm Athalie and welcome to Little Cookie Society!

Handcrafted in small batches, the cookies we create are our version of what a perfect cookie should be: crispy, malty, not too sweet, with every bite as consistently delicious as the last.Our quest for the perfect cookie began during the pandemic when my pregnancy cravings for cookies could not be met. It took months of tirelessly trialling and testing my recipes to finally create the crispy and deliciously addictive cookies that are now loved by so many of you in Perth.As I shared my creations with friends and family, they too began to share them with theirs. I slowly became their local "cookie dealer" and requests to purchasing my cookies began to pour in from friends and strangers alike.It turns out there were so many others who, just like me, loved and appreciated cookies the way I did and so, Little Cookie Society was launched in October 2021.

We had almost 3 wonderful years in Australia, but decided to relocate to Singapore in the end of 2023.
It is with great joy that we announce Little Cookie Society’s opening in end January 2024 in Singapore.
We look forward to meeting a new community of cookie lovers here too.